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PFM & Taxation

Strengthened PFM systems lead to effective and sustainable economic management, accountability in the use of public resources, and improved public service delivery. States develop when they are driven by efficient PFM institutions and systems. AARC works with governments and institutions globally to improve their public financial management systems.


AARC experience in this sector spans: the development of professional accountancy qualifications; technical assistance and capacity development for effective audit oversight; improving financial reporting; support to Professional Accountancy Organisations (PAOs); and Supreme Audit reform.

Banking & Capital Markets

AARC project experience in this sector includes: Due diligence of financial institutions; Financial management assessments of implementing and executing agencies; Financial & economic analyses; Support to Bank Supervision of financial reporting; capacity development for anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the finance of terrorism (CFT); and, Technical assistance to securities markets.

Public Utilities

AARC has provided technical assistance to public utilities and regulators worldwide, in the areas of water, electricity and transport. For example, AARC provides ongoing support to the Infrastructure Sustainability Support Programme in Armenia to strengthen sector management capacity and also public financial management. AARC also offers global assistance in asset registration and valuation, as well as fixed asset management and regulatory reform.

Climate Change & Environment

This is a growing sector for AARC as it often forms a part of projects in other sectors but it is also a key sector. AARC has extensive experience in the preparation of Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Reviews (CPEIRs). AARC also conducts environmental assessments for project preparatory technical assistance.


Technical Assistance for Development

The AARC team has a strong track record in the delivery of large complex technical assistance programs funded by major international donors such as World Bank, EU, ADB, etc. and focused on economic development.

Multidisciplinary approach

A multidisciplinary approach, with services customized to the client’s reality and needs, from a set of solutions that are integrated and adequate to each type of challenge. A network of member-firms that integrates specialists from all over the world and combines consulting and technical competencies.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control is considered an integral part of project delivery within AARC to assess progress and to manage risk. AARC embraces best practice in quality assurance within our approach to project and programme management.

Top Class Project Management

As an organisation we believe in building strong relationships on the ground and having a practical approach in delivering our support. AARC has a consistent best practice template, driven by PRINCE2, for all project management.